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John McClintock has written college-related tracking and search databases since 1981 and is author of the college guide, 100 Top Colleges, published by John Wiley, Inc., in 1982. In early 2016, John finished three years of research and released Our Academy, a biographical dictionary and history of the first one hundred years of Albany Academy.

John has advised 2000 students and their families in three school settings in the east and Midwest. He has designed and implemented personnel, web-store and event registration database applications for schools, non-profits, and government and has trained 1000 students in database development.
John taught history at three schools: The Albany Academy, University School Milwaukee, and Francis W. Parker School in Chicago. From 2007 to 2012, John was archivist at The Albany Academies. He is creator and webmaster of Albany Academy History.
John graduated from The Albany Academy, Harvard College, and the Harvard School of Education (M. Ed.).

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